Farewell to Faerie Forest introduces a magical world where diligent fairies perform their duties so that the faerie realm has everything it needs each season. Queen Iris rules with kind benevolence over the hard-working fairies, with all doing their fair share of work ‒ all that is except Twigs.


Who is Twigs?

Stubborn and temperamental, Twigs hates working. As soon as the fairies begin their daily chores, Twigs disappears and spends her days getting into mischief. It’s clear why she has no friends, nor does she want any.

Into this world

on a summer’s day comes chaos and a disturbing malevolence. Twigs makes a terrible misjudgement and endangers the other fairies and their home. Everything she takes for granted is stripped from her, and she finds herself far from Faerie Forest, alone, and in danger.


About the Characters


Twigs is the main character of the series. She is stubborn and rebellious and a bit of a loner. She has always been quite androgynous, and has shortish, messy, gingery hair.  Her face is freckled (too many people view freckles as unattractive whereas I believe them to be completely the opposite, so children should embrace them!) and she is not a naturally smiley character. She has never felt as though she belonged in Faerie Forest, yet she is unsure as to why she feels this way. This feeling feeds into her poor behaviour choices!


This elf is a complete contrast to the grumpy fairy he is landed with.  Thistle is very happy-go-lucky and he is a bit of a prankster (which is what got him temporarily thrown out of his own community in Wooky Woods).  He sees the best in everyone and everything, even when things seem completely desperate. Thistle is steadfast in his loyalty to Twigs, and the fae soon realises how lucky she is to have met him.


Quite simply, this bee is adorable.  The picture to the left is how I love to see Bumble: he is fluffy, loyal, determined, selfless and riddled with anxiety about mostly everything!  This worry leads to him buzzing ridiculously loudly, and he often wrings his antennae, much like humans might wring their hands when anxious.

“Charlie Taylor is a phenomenally creative author. Her book is a middle grade fiction story that is full of beautiful metaphor and imagery…A definite must read!”

– Judy O’Beirn, President and Founder of Hasmark Publishing International and International Best-Selling Author of Unwavering Strength Series.

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Delightful read for parents and children alike


These books have been so much fun to read! With a delightful mix of action, adventure, and daring, I find I can’t help but root for the feisty little fairy and her new elf friend, Thistle. I really enjoyed the progression of Twigs’s character in this second story, and I can’t wait to see what happens ne

Awesome fantasy story for children

Mary Schmidt

I found this book to be an awesome fantasy filled with fairies, and more, in a truly make-believe setting. The characters come to life with the illustrations that support them. Children learn many lessons and honesty is one lesson. Children learn what can happen if one steals what isn’t theirs, and the consequences of such acts. Highly recommended.

A podcast with Pashmina Pash, talking everything 'Twigs'

A Word

From  Charlotte

“I have always loved being surrounded by the forest, as it is so full of places where my imagination can take off, and where I can easily imagine fairies and other magical creatures existing.  I love to write because, even on the coldest, wettest days when no-one wants to venture outside into the real world, I can embark on an adventure in a world of my choosing.”


Please find below some free activity sheets which link to the book, Broken Twigs: Farewell to Faerie Forest. From wordsearches to sudoku and crosswords to brain teasers, there is a little something here for everyone to keep young brains busy! Enjoy!

The last link is where you can access a choice of bookmarks, which include some of the fabulous illustrations from Kezzia Crossley, my amazing illustrator.


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More About the Author

Charlotte Taylor is a mother of three and lives in the Forest of Dean in England. Her passion for arts and education has inspired her to write her first children’s book series, Broken Twigs. Charlotte is a primary school teacher and has an MA (Hons) degree in Psychology from Edinburgh University. It is her hope that Twigs will bring magic into each and every classroom across the globe to foster a lesson plan and curriculum map which paves the way for celebrated and imaginative learning techniques.

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